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"Your only limit is you."

Officially starting her dance journey at 8 years old, constant training, competing, and performing locally and internationally has led her to receive numerous awards since young. Through the years, she has also picked up a variety of dance genres ranging from hiphop, kpop, salsa and latin, with an opportunity to train under Mr Gary Foo for 3 years in salsa. Having also trained under Mr Zaini Tahir for another 3 years, gave her a better understanding and application of her dance skillsets. 

Having been a dance instructor for the past 8 years and counting, she is a certified MOE-IRS instructor with experience teaching in MOE schools, studios, churches, preschools and other organisations. On top of that, she has also sent many students for competitions throughout the years. Seeing how dance as a form of enrichment can be an essential stepping stone to children's developmental growth, she hopes to continually improve herself and make a difference to the lives of people around her.

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The inspiration behind our dance studio

For those hesitant to join a dance class due to shyness or concerns about keeping up, we aim to provide a supportive space. Our goal is to empower every reserved individual to find their voice, encouraging them to venture beyond their comfort zones and explore activities like dance that they've long desired. In crowded settings, the quieter individuals often go unnoticed, grappling with fears of asking questions and therefore unable to perform at their full potential. We empathize with these challenges, which is why our emphasis lies in fostering a caring environment through small groups and private classes.

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